A Review of Processing Novelties of Extraction of Essential Oil from Cardamom

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Abishek Sakkaravarthy, Prabaharan Vekataralu Bhavadharani, Poojitha Pushparaj, Gurumoorthi Parameswaran


This review article summarizes the recent developments and processing novelties in the extraction of essential oil from cardamom. Cardamom is a highly valued spice due to its unique aroma and flavor, providing a range of culinary and medicinal benefits. Different methods are employed for extracting the essential oil from cardamom fruit, such as steam distillation, solvent extraction, and supercritical fluid extraction. This review article focuses on recently developed techniques in the extraction process, including Pressurized Liquid Extraction, Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction, Microwave-Assisted Extraction, and High-Pressure Assisted Extraction. Which improves the efficiency and yield of the extraction. Additionally, the article discusses the factors that influence the quality of the extracted oil, including temperature, pressure, and time, and how these can be optimized to enhance the oil's sensory, physical, and chemical properties. The use of cardamom essential oil in food processing, pharmaceuticals, and aromatherapy, and its increasing demand in the market are also discussed. Overall, the review provides insights into the advancements in cardamom essential oil extraction, which can benefit industries and researchers involved in producing and formulating natural products.

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