A Study on Investment Pattern of People in Guwahati City, Assam

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Hari Mall Thakuri


Investment refers to the employment of funds with the expectation of earning income or growth in values. The essential feature of an investment involves waiting for a reward. Thus, investment involves commitment of resources which have been saved in the expectation that some benefits will accrue in future. Investment patterns refer to the way people allocate their money among different asset classes or securities. Investment patterns of people widely depending on various factors such as their income level, age, risk tolerance, financial goals, and investment knowledge. The present study was aim at to anlayse different factors influencing investment pattern as well as to identify the preferred investment instruments of people. The study was conducted in Guwahati city, Assam. The sample size of the study was 200 people who were included in the sample by convenience sampling. It has been found in the study that investment pattern depends upon the factors such as return from investment, risk involve in investment, period of investment, liquidity and tax benefit. It has been also found that the highly preferred investment instrument is fixed deposits, followed by life insurance policies, provident fund, real estate respectively.

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