Review of Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics Applications in Healthcare for Efficient Human Resource Management

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Hitesh Keserwani, Rashmi Tripathi


As a department, Human Resource Management handles all the features of employees and has various functions like Planning, Organizing, Directing and Controlling. The other practices that have been follows by Human Resource Department are HR planning, directing job analysis, recruitment and conducting interviews, training, rewarding, assistance and motivation, quality of work life, HR Auditing, maintain compliances with native, state, and central labour laws, and many more. With the technological development and advancement HR has also changed its functioning and to cater the diverse organisational needs in the era of globalisation. Human resource Management is now totally based on advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big data & HR analytics. With recent developments in global health care sector the industry is undergoing with a fundamental transformation where both business volume & business value needs to be managed efficiently, these new challenges also threaten the human resources (HR) accountable for health care planning and delivery. The paper makes the attempt that current HR technology practises are unlikely to bring about transformational change in the rapidly evolving healthcare sector until HR professionals begin considering both the benefits and drawbacks of these emerging technologies and engage operationally and strategically to develop better methods and approaches.

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