Clinical Evaluation of Efficacy of Local Application of Turmeric Powder (Curcuma Longa Linn) in Uvulitis

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Gajanan Balkrishn Patil, Tarkeshwar Wankhede, Suryabhan S. Dongare, Shobhit Dave


Uvulitis is inflammation of the uvula. This is the small tongue-shaped tissue that hangs from the top of the posterior part of the mouth. Uvulitis is usually associated with inflammation of other mouth parts, such as the palate, tonsils, or throat (pharynx). Uvulitis is another word for a swollen uvula.Galashundika is a disease, which is very commonly observed, in classical Ayurveda, it is considered as Talugata Vyadhi(palatine diseases). Galashundika caused by Kapha developing in the root of the palate, resembling like urinary bladder of the fish, soft elongated, slim, causing obstruction to the throat, making particles of food to come out through the nose, producing thirst, cough & vomiting. Also, this leads to Shopha (swelling), Kantha-avarodha (difficulty in swallowing) & Trisha (thirst), Aaraktata (congestion), Shushka Kasa (dry cough). There is a disease, which is somewhat similar to Galashundika called as elongated uvula or uvulitis.The anti-inflammatory property of local application of turmeric powder reduces inflammation from all over the uvula in trial group. In control group the treatment of warm saline gargles had only soothing effect. Anti-inflammatory property is less in warm saline gargles than localapplicationof turmeric powder.we concluded thatuvulitis is a common disease in all age groups from 10years to 55 years in all season.Use of turmeric powder local application on uvula also is effective in uvulitis. Recurrent attacks of uvulitis can be reduced by turmeric powder local application on uvula and it has better results than warm saline gargles.

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