“Horticulture in North Goa Problems and Prospects – A Geographical Analysis”

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Dadapir M. Jakati


Goa is tiny emerald land situated well on the western coast of India known as Konkan. Agriculture is one of the major economic activities of the people of Goa, contributing about 9% to the state domestic product.In recent years agriculture is on a decline due to trends of urbanization affecting both horticulture and agriculture, diverting from primary to secondary as well as tertiary occupation. Hence there is need arises for promoting horticulture for the growth of the economy etc. Horticulture is a traditional occupation of Goa. The recent developments in industrial trading and commercial activities and tourism industry has enabled  to study the growth of  horticulture which provides a linkage between industrial and commercial activities eventually leading to the development of the state’s economy. “Horticulture in North Goa Problems and Prospects – A Geographical Analysis’This topic will enable me to have greater emphasis on the detail study of horticulture and other aspects in North Goa.

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