To Study the Effectiveness of Heartfulness Relaxation Technique on Occupational Stress among Government Primary School Teachers

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Adesh, Sanjay Gautam


Under the umbrella of the National Education Policy, a wide range of programmes are being run by the government for achieving the goal of education for all. For this purpose, government schools are expanding daily to achieve the goal but the availability of teachers is comparably very low in comparison to the number of students; as a result, working teachers in government schools experience stress and depression while at work. The search for an appropriate and effective stress management technique has become a hectic issue. This study recommends meditation, which has been widely used by earlier researchers to assess its effectiveness in reducing workplace stress. Since ancient times, meditation has been widely practiced to control or minimize stress at workplace.

In this study, the basic and main aim is to determine the impact of Heartfulness Relaxation Technique, a branch of Raja Yoga, on the ability of teachers to manage or reduce their stress. For the study, 200 teachers between the ages of 22 and 60 were chosen, and they participated in relaxation (meditation) sessions every week for a month. Only instructions on how to use Heartfulness Relaxation Technique are given during the relaxation session. The effects of practicing the Heartfulness Relaxation Technique for a month on teachers' stress levels are positive and are lower than they were before.

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