Investigating the Role of Sensory Marketing for Studying the Consumer Response

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Riya Manchanda, Sanjiv Mittal, Sanchita Bansal


This paper is about sensory marketing, which aims to be a marketing tool that can change how people act and how they feel. The consumer is not only interested in purchasing a good or service; rather, he wants to have an experience that is personal and distinctive in connection with the things that he purchases. Our survey study, which is in line with studies that have come before it, reveals how customers evaluated the ambiance of fashion retail stores through the cognitive and emotional responses they had. The combination of the four senses creates a synergy, which is the customer's internal cognitive and/or emotional response to the environment's stimuli. Sound, sight, touch, and smell are the four senses that come from them. Based on the results of our survey, this study shows how important it is to realize that the environment of the point of sale affects the customer's cognitive and emotional responses through the experience of sensory marketing. These responses include the customer feeling more pleasure and perceiving a higher quality in the product.

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