Variations and Graphs

Question Answer
Constant of a Variation k in the formula y=kx^2
Direct-Variation Function a function with a formula of the form y=kx^2
Inverse-Variation Function a function with the formula y=k/x^n
Fundamental Theorem of Variation a. If y varies directly as x6n and x is multiplied by c, then y is multiplied by c^n

b. if y varies inversely as x^n and x is multiplied by a nonzero constant c, then y is divided by c^n

Slope rise/run, found by y2-y1/x2-x1
Branches two separate parts of a hyperbola
Asymptote line that a graph approaches but never reaches
Combined Variation when direct and inverse variations occur together
Joint Variation when one quantity varies directly as the product of two or more independent variables, but not inversely as any variable

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