Thing to remember from Calculus

Question Answer
d/dx(sin x) cos x
d/dx(cos x) -sin x
d/dx(tan x) sec? x
d/dx(sec x) sec x tan x
d/dx(cot x) -csc? x
d/dx(csc x) -csc x cot x
surface area of cylinder 2?r(h+r)
volume of cylinder ?(r?)h
surface area of sphere 4?r?
volume of sphere (4/3)?r^3
volume of cone (1/3)?(r?)h
law of sines (sin A)/a = (sin B)/b = (sin C)/c
law of cosines a?=b?+c?-2ab(cos A)
? sin(u) du -cos(u) + C
? cos(u) du sin(u) + C
? tan(u) du -ln|cos(u)| + C
? cot(u) du ln|sin(u)| + C
? sec(u) du ln|sec(u) + tan(u)| + C
? (sec(u)*tan(u)) du sec(u) + C
? csc(u)? du -cot(u) + C
? (-csc(u)*cot(u)) du csc(u) + C
d/dx(sin?? u) u'/v(1-u?)
dy/dx (tan?? u) u'/(1+u?)
dy/dx (sec?? u) u'/(xv(x?-1))

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