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The price of the six textbooks purchased by a college student were 22.44, 31.29, 14.60, 29.40, 25.27, and 23.39. Find the median 23.39
Use the formula V=pie r squared height
Calculate the volume if its base is 6 yards and the height is 4 yards
V= 40.84
Write an equation that represents the following table of values x= 012 y=345
3 to the zeroth power + 2 (2 to the -1 power) -2
The sale tax on a radio is $2.45. If the cost of the radio is $35, what is the sale tax? x=7%
what is the length of the hypotonuse. a=6 b=5. c=11
Find the value of x. 5x+4x-1+x+11=180 x=17
write in standard form: 1.49x 10 to the 5th power 149,000
The cifcumfrence of a circle is 12pi. What is the radius? r=6
In June, 1 U.S. dollar was worth 1.24 canadian dollars. One U.S. dollar was also worth 43.52 Indian Rupees. How many rupees would it take to make one canadian dollar? x= 35.10rupees
3 to the negative 2 power(-2) to the -3 power) 1 over -72
Solve: (-2y-9)= -12 y=-3
5 to the zeroth power +2 tot he 3rd power (-3- 1 to the second) -31

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