Solving Quadratic Equations

Question Answer
m^2+7m-8=0 -8,1
x^2-8x+25=0 -4+3i,-4-3i
x^2+3x-7=0 -3-(sqrt)37/2,-3+(sqrt)37/2
The Height of a door is 2.9 feet longer then the width and its front area is 1825.5 square feet find the width and height of the door. The height is approximately 44.2 feet.
Solve : What is the squareroot of 196x=x+24? 4,144
(2n+1)^2+7(2n+1)-8=0 -9/2,0
(p+5)^2=10(p+5)-24 -1,1
y^3+25y-3y^2-75=0 3,-5i,5i
A jogger ran 5 miles, decreased her speed by 1 mile per hour and than ran another 6 miles. If her total jogging time was 2 1/2 hours find her speed for each part of her run. First speed 5MPH, second speed 4MPH
Suppose that an open box is to be made from cardboard by cutting our squares from each corner, if the box is to have a volume of 1156 cubic inches find the original dimentions of the sheet of card board. ( 4×4) 25×25

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