Proportions 4-1 Study Guide and Review

Question Answer
two quantities that have a constant rate or ratio proportional
an equation that show that two ratios or rates are equivalent proportion
a ratio of two measurements with different units rate
a rate that is simplified so that it has a denominator of 1 unit rate
two ratios that have the same value equivalent ratios
a relationship in which the ratio is not constant nonproportional
Find the unit rate of $23.75 for 5 pounds $4.75 per lb
Find the unit rate of 810 miles in 9 days 90 mi per day
An Internet company charges $30 a month. There is also a $30 installation fee. Is the number of months you can have Internet proportional to the total cost? Proportional or nonproportional Nonproportional
On Friday, Jade washed 10 vehicles in 4 hours. The next day she washed 15 vehicles in 6 hours. Is the number of vehicles she washed proportional to the time it took her to wash them? Proportional or nonproportional Proportional
Find the unit price of a 16-ounce box of pasta that is on sale for 96 cents. 6 cents per ounce
Is the amount of money earned proportional or nonproportional to the number of haircuts? earnings to haircuts = 28 to 1, 56 to 2, 84 to 3, 112 to 4 proportional
Solve 9 to x = 4 to 18 40.5
Solve the proportion. 3:r = 6:8 4
Solve the proportion. 30:0.5 = y:0.25 15
Solve the proportion. 7 to 4 = n to 2 3.5
Solve the proportion. k to 5 = 72 to 8 45
Solve the proportion. 12:8 = a:6 9
A squirrel can run 1 mile in 5 minutes. How far can it travel in 16 minutes? 3.2 mi
If 3 televisions weigh 240.6 pounds, how much do 9 of the same televisions weigh? 721.8 lb

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