McDougal Littell Middle School Math 1 Unit 1 Vocabulary

Question Answer
leading digit the first digit at the left in a whole number
equation a math sentence formed by comparing two expressions that have the same value
variable a letter used to represent an unknown value
solve find all the solutions of an equation
sum the result of adding two or more numbers
compatible numbers numbers that make estimating in a division problem easier
exponent the number of times a factor is repeated in a power
product the result of multiplying two or more numbers
evaluate replace variables with values, then simplify
numerical expression a collection of numbers and operations to be performed
factor numbers that are multiplied together
verbal model words used to describe ideas, then math symbols to relate the words in order to solve a problem
quotient the result of dividing one number by another
solution the value which, when substituted for the variable, makes the equation a true statement
base the repeated factor in a power
variable expression a collection of numbers, variables, and operations to be performed.
grouping symbols markings such as parentheses or brackets: they indicate the order in which operations should be performed
order of operations rules established to evaluate an expression involving more than one operation
difference the result of subtracting one number from another
power an expression that represents a product with a repeated factor
whole number all of the natural numbers plus zero
place value the value of where the digit is in the number
round reducing the digits in a number while trying to keep it's value similar
dividend a number that is divided by another number
divisor a number by which another number is divided
remainder the amount left over after division

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