Honors Geometry

Question Answer
fallacy statements that are logically false, but which appear to be true. basically, an error in reasoning
tu quoque (you're another) avoid the real argument by making similar charges against the opponent How can the police ticket me for speeding? I see cops speeding all the time
appeal to the people uses the views of the majority as a persuasive device, very similar to bandwagon of course you want to buy Zest toothpaste. why, 90% of America brushes with Zest!
slippery slope one step will lead to more.while sometimes the results may be negative,this argues that the descent is inevitable and unalterabl if we ban hummers b/c they are bad for the environment, eventually the gov. will ban all cars,so we should not ban hummers
scare tactic creates fear in people as evidence to support a claim. mostly this is done by some form of threat if you vote for this candidate, then your childrens lives will be at stake
red herring irrelevant topic moves attention away from original issue. topic A is under discussion. topic B is introduced and unrelated. topic A is abandoned what about christmas? well my aunt is coming next week
traditional wisdom when it is assumed that something is better or correct because it is tradional or has always been done theory that witches cause disease is older than theory that microorganisms cause diseas therefore, theory about witches must be true
gamblers fallacy assuming that short-term change from probability will be corrected in short-term.past series of results has no effect on probability of various possible outcomes of next coin toss coin landed heads-up 9x in a row, it will probably land tails-up next toss
false cause wrongly assumes a cause-and-effect relationship, A causes B without proof that a relationship actually exists christians believe in god, muslims believe in god, therefore christians are muslims
ad hominem when the person presenting argument is attacked instead of the argument its self. against the person i think that the US will come out of the recession quickly… what do you know about economics? you don't even have a job!
hasty generalization draws a conclusion about a population based on a small sample. jumping to conclusions. i met some college students who were polite. therefore, all college students must be well-behaved
bandwagon creates the impression that everybody is doing it and so should you you're not cool unless you wear this brand of clothing
appeal to emotions when something is associated with good/mad feelings then it must be true/wrong commercials ask for money to help remove animals from abusive homes, show cute puppies and kittens
false dilemma either A or B is true. C is not an option. based on assumption that the choices offered are the only choices either you are with me or against me

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