geometery terms

Question Answer
Point A location in space – a dot on a piece of paper
Line Connects two points and continues forever in both directions
Line Segment Two endpoints connected by a set of points making a segment.
Perpendicular Lines Line Segments that intersect (cross) at an angle of 90°
Parallel Lines Line segements that never intersect.stay the same distance apart
Right Angle An angle that measures 90°
Acute Angle An angle that measures less than 90°
Obtuse Angle An angle that measures more than 90°
Vertex Point at which two line segments intersect (forming an angle)
Scalene Triangle A triangle with all three sides with different lengths
Isosceles Triangle A triangle with two equal length sides
Equilateral Triangle A traingle with all three sides of equal length
Radius Distance from center of a circle to the edge
Diameter A line segment through a circle passing through the circle's center
Chord A line segment joining two points on a curve.
Arc Part of a curve- outside of the circle
Ray Starts at an endpoint and continues in one direction forever
quadrilateral 4 sided polygon
pentagon 5 sided polygon
hexagon 6 sided polygon
heptagon 7 sided polygon
octagon 8 sided polygon
nonogon 9 sided polygon
decagon 10 sided polygon
degrees in a triangle 180
degrees in a quadrilateral 360
degrees in a pentagon 540
degrees in a hexagon 720
degrees in a heptagon 900
degrees in a octagon 1080
two angles in a triangle are 39 and 29, what is the measure of the third angle? 112

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