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Question Answer
altitude of triangle The altitude of a triangle is a line segment from one vertex of a triangle to the opposite side so that the line segment is PERPENDICULAR to the side.
circumcenter of a triangle 3 perpendicular bisectors of a triangle are congruent
incenter of a triangle the points of concurrency of the 3 angle bisectors of a triangle
median of a triangle a segment whose endpoints are a vertex of the triangle and the midpoint of the opposite side
orthocenter of a triangle the point of congruency of the 3 altitudes of a triangle
Pythagorean triple a set of 3 nonzero integers (a),(b), and (c) such as a^2+b^2=c^2
concurrent 3 or more lines that intersect at 1 point
inscribed circle a circle in which each side of the circle is tangent
base angles 2 angle that have a base as a side
equilateral triangle a triangle with 3 congruent sides
included side An angle formed by two adjacent sides of a polygon.
Included angle An angle formed by two adjacent sides of a polygon.
Scalene Triangle A triangle with no congruent sides
Isosceles Triangle A triangle with at least two congruent sides
locus a set of points that satisfies a given condition
circumscribed circle every vertex of the polygon lies on the circle
point of concurrency a point where three or more lines coincide
Midsegment of a Triangle The triangle formed by the 3 midsegments of a triangle
Congruent polygons Two polygons whose corresponding sides and angles are congruent
Exterior Angle An angle formed by one side of the triangle and the extension of an adjacent side
Interior Angle An angle formed by two sides of a triangle

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