all the conjectures for the fall final

Question Answer
Intersecting Secants Conjecture The angle formed by 2 intersecting secants is 1/2difference of arcs
Intersecting Chords Conjecture the msr of the angle formed by intersecting chords is 1/2 sum
Tangent-Secant Conjecture angle formed by intersecting tangent and secant measure 1/2difference
Intersecting Tangents Conjecture angle formed by intersecting tangents measures 1/2 difference
Tangent Chord Conjecture angle formed by intersecting tangent and chord measure 1/2 arc
Circumference Conjecture C=d*pie
Arc Length Conjecture arc measure/360 * C
Inscribed Angle Conjecture measure of an inscribed angle is 1/2 arc
Inscribed Angles Intercepting Arcs Conjecture inscribed angles that intercept the same arc are congruent
Angles Inscribed in a Semicircle Conjecture angles inscribed in a semicircle are right angles
Cyclic Quadrilateral Conjecture the opposite angles of a cyclic quad. are supplementary
Parallel Lines Intercepted Arcs Conjecture parallel lines intercept congruent arcs
Perpendicular to a Chord Conjecture A perpendicular from the center to the chord is its bisector
Chord Distance to Center Conjecture congruent chords are equidistant from the center
Perpendicular Bisector of a Chord Conjecture The perpendicular bisector of a chord goes thru the center
Chord Central Angles Conjecture if two chords are congruent then central angles are congruent
Chord Arcs Conjecture if two chords congruent, then the intercepted angles are congruent
Tangent Conjecture Tangent to radius is perpendicular
Tangent Segments Conjecture Tangent segments from the same point outside a circle are congruent
Converse Pgram Opp. Side Conjecture if both pairs of opp sides are congruent than its a parallelogram
Converse Pgram Opposite Angle Conjecture if both pairs of opp. angles are congruent, then its a pgram
Converse One Pair Pgram Conjecture if 1 pair of sides in a quad are congruent and parallel then its a pgram
Pgram Opp Angle Conjecture opp. angles are congruent
Pgram Opp Sides Conjecture opp. sides are congruent
Pgram Diag. Conjecture diags bisect eachother
Pgram Consec Angle Conjecture consecutive angles are supplementary
Rectangle Diag. Conjecture diagonals are congruent
Rhombus Diagonal Conjecture diagonals are perpendicular
Rhombus Angles Conjecture diagonals bisect angles
Square Diag. Conjecture diagonals bisect eachother, congruent, bisect opp.angles
Kite Angle Conjecture non-vertex angles are congruent
Kite Diag. Conjecture diags are perpendicular
Kite Diag Bisect Conjecture the diags that connect the vertex angles, bisects those angles
Isc. Trapezoid Conjecture base angles are congruent
Isc. Trapezoid Diag. Conjecture diags are congruent
Three Midsegment Conjecture the 3 midsegments of a triangle divide it into four congruent triangles
Triangle Midsegment Conjecture midsegment is parallel to the base, 2(midsegment)= base side
Trapezoid Midsegment Conjecture midsegment parallel to base and top side,1/2( top side+base side)=midsegment
Base Angles in Isc. Triangle Conjecture legs congruent->base angles congruent
Converse of Isc. Triangle Conjecture base angles congruent->legs congruent
Triangle Inequality Conjecture sum of the 2 smaller sides must be greater than the 3rd
Side-Angle Inequality Conjecture largest side is across from largest angle
Triangle Exterior Angle Conjecture exterior angle= sum of 2 remote interior angles
Converse Parallel Lines Conjecture if the CA,AIA,AEA are congruent then the lines are parallel
Perpendicular Bisector Conjecture if pt. is on perpendicular bisector, then its equidistant from endpoints
Converse Perpendicular Bisector Conjecture pt. equidistant from the endpts is on the perpendicular bisector

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